A Day in June

The day was bright and windy

As she sat outside with her book

and pen.

Wondering and wrestling

what to write of.


The sun was bright

The air was humid.

It was a beautiful morn indeed.

She would glare out into

the ocean

and be fascinated at the beauty

of it all. 

The beach!

The great divide between God an

and us.


How could such beauty be

taken for granted.

The sand was warm to the touch.

The seagulls flying to and fro.

The beach ball by the coast

was red as an apple, and

the shape of the moon at night…

As the children played.


The laughter of the children

Filled her ears as she wondered…

Of course!

Where do I begin!


She took a deep breath in

and enjoyed the moment

to thank God for such a beautiful


The story begins.

A day in June.


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