Hello world!

This is my new toy….the blog!  I’ve been curious of how to begin, and here I am!  Writing and reading has evolved into a love of mine.  I do not know if it is because of age or what but I just love it and get great joy from it.  It’s been a therapy and outlet for me.  I hope that through my writings I am also able to connect with others who may experience the same as me in whatever time or situation I am in.  I hope I can also give you relief, comfort, and maybe a little sparkle of joy when reading.

My challenge is time.  Time is so precious because I have a family who occupies much of it.  So writing is a luxury, when I CAN do it.  My family and God gives me inspirations.  They both have brought me here.  I hope that you can also share your thoughts, vents, opinions and passions with me.  I do ask to be kind, cordial, but constructive with remarks because we are all in this for the same reason.  Respect is key.  Negativity and volgarity of any sort is not welcome.  Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days…I certainly do, but let’s share for the sole purpose to write and not attack others.  Much of my writing comes in times of crisis so I truly understand.   Read a little more in “About Me”.

I am glad you came to visit my blog.  Welcome and God Bless!


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